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Welcome to the 2022 Brick Cave Media Holiday Buying Guide, Fantasy Book Edition. This is a great guide to introducing indpendent authors to the readers on your gift list. While we of course recommend any of our books as gifta for the readers in your life, we picked a few that we thought would make a great first impression, letting your recipient know that you had given thought to connecting them with the right book.

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Fantasy Book Recommendations for 2022 


 Your Reader Loves Lord of the Rings

 Giunta TLI 150

The Last Incarnation, J.A. Giunta
"A page turner extraordinaire from start to finish. One story, but so much history and intertwined stories within, yet they seamlessly fit without ever concealing me look back to find who was who or where this fit with that."- Birbitt 

As far as Epic Trilogies go, this is pretty epic. Three complete books (Mists of Faeron and Out of the Dark complete the series) and you have the perfect gift for someone looking to find a new favorite author.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

Your Reader Loves Harry Potter

 Skinner TNS 150

 The Nelig Stones, Sharon Skinner
"A charming adventure, and it has dragons—very nasty dragons!"- Page Turner

Undoubtedy a page turner worthy of anyone of any age looking for a story with a lot of creativity, heart and dragons. With the second book, Return to Anoria, released and completing the story of Steph and Robbie, you know your reader will be engaged for some time to come.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

You Reader Loves Dresden Files

 Davis Platinum 150

Platinum Magic, Bruce Davis
"What a page turner. Everything started off with a bang, pun intended, and the race to the finish never slowed down. Every chapter I read made me want to get into the next."- Adal McCloud

Detective noir meets fantasy in this crime serial Magic law series first book. It's an amazing journet and charcater driven adventure joyride. You can follow this is the released Gold Magic, and the forthcoming Silver Magic and you can be confident you have given an amazing gift of storytelling.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

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GC 1Digital Gift Cards are a great option for the reader that you want to select their own titles to read. We offer Digital Gift cards through the Brick Cave Square Store. The cards are valid at the Brick Cave Square Store for any books or merchandise listed.

Different Book Options?

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