Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Bookstore, Distributor or Bookclub Orders

Thank You for your interest in ordering volume copies from Brick Cave Media- no, really, THANK YOU ! Please feel free to use the guidelines below to determine how you would like to proceed.

Book Clubs

2018 12 15 BNBrick Cave Media has a custom order process for Book Clubs (We call it the Book Club Order Program because we like the acronym BCOP). Depending on the number of books desired, we provide a discount of the MSRP. The total is all-inclusive, including shipping. To initiate your Book Club Registration, just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Book Club Interest”. Please include the following information:

    • Specific title(s) you are interested in
    • Number of copies desired
    • Date needed
    • Primary Contact for the club
    • Postal Mailing address for the club
    • Acknowledgement of the following:
      • Y/N We’d love gifts every now and then (posters, fun book promotional materials)
      • Y/N We’d love ARCs
      • Y/N We’d love notices of Author availability on tour
      • Y/N Can your group get behind bacon, or not so much (this has no impact on anything except out own curiosities)

Bookstore/Retailer Orders

ipage logo 2023Brick Cave Media encourages Bookstores nationwide to utilize Ingram Distributing to order titles from Brick Cave Books. Brick cave Media certifies that:

    • All paperback and hard bound editions available are available through Ingram
    • All editions ordered through Ingram are returnable via “Destroy”
    • Brick Cave Media provides an industry competitive wholesale discount on all titles offered through Ingram.

Alternate Distribution/Ordering

2018 11 24 09 JarrodsBrick Cave Media offers an Alternate Distribution Option Program (ADOP) for Bookstores and other retailers that choose not to utilize the Ingram service. For details of the ADOP service, please message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

    • Contact Name
    • Retail Organization
    • Title(s) of interest
    • Quantity desired