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Internship Opportunities

The internet has changed just about every facet of American business. Publishing is no different.

If you are looking for an internship experience that can teach you real world experience in any of the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Art
  • Communications
  • Document Editing (Both technical and entertainment)
  • Layout
  • Project Management

Then consider an internship with Brick Cave Media.

Time Periods

Internships are typically planned for Fall (August-December), Spring (January-May) and Summer (June-August) periods.

Fall 2021 Internships:

On Site Internships: Open
Remote Internships: Open

About The Internships We Offer

Pre and Post Internship Interviews

Prospective Interns are interviewed in advance of starting, and all interns are interviewed upon completion of their internship to continually improve the program over time and maximize the value of the internship to both the intern and Brick Cave.

College Credit

While Credit for the internship is a decision between the prospective intern and their faculty/administration, Brick Cave can provide a comprehensive action plan of the Intern’s activities and expected outcomes to clarify the value of the Internship.

Begin the Process

Fill out the form below and hit send. A Brick Cave Staff member will review and follow up with you.

Remote Vs On Site

Remote internships will be considered based on the student's field of study.

COVID Related Protocols

On site interns will be asked to adhere to a set of protective policies created by Brick Cave Media and informed by Mesa Community College, our facility operator.

Internship Interest Form

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