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Literacy building gets more challenging every day. Getting authors to visit classrooms or schools often involves the author donating their time and spending their own money. Everyone wants authors to receive the compensation they deserve.

We want to help.

With each direct purchase of a Brick Cave Book of $10 or more at The Brick Cave Square Store, $1 of that book sale with be allocated to the “The Brick Cave Authors for Literacy” Fund. That is money that we set aside specifically to help schools, libraries and teachers bring Brick Cave Authors into their classrooms, schools and libraries to talk about books and writing. It is cumulative, so ordering 2x books each valued $10 or more means $2, etc.

Schools/Libraries/Teachers Can Apply
Each February, Brick Cave will announce the fund availability and deadline for applicants to apply for the newest rounds of grants available for the following school year.


Schools and libraries may apply for grants from Brick Cave Media to offset the costs of having a Brick Cave published author make a visit to their school or library. The applicant will select the author(s) they would like to visit and describes the scope of their visit, including dates and times, content and budget.
Brick Cave Staff, with consultation from BC Authors, will determine the awardees for each year’s grants.

Applicants may ask for funds to cover author travel, accommodations and appearance fees. Applicants may be from any public school, accredited charter/private school or public library. Grant awards will be paid to the author(s) appearing, or to the entity arranging the author’s accommodations, where appropriate.

Granting Minimums

The fund must reach a minimum of $100 before Brick Cave will be able to offer grant opportunities. The collection is cumulative, so if the fund is unable to distribute in a period, that total will roll over into the next period.

Additional Considerations

The number of successful applicants in a given period will be determinded by the impact potential of the request, balancing that against providing the widest number of grants possible.

How to Apply

In February, when the fund availability is announced, the application will also be release if all criteria are met. Details of the process will be posted here on