Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Film: Yellowstone Sunset

Yellowstone Sunset Film Title card"As resources are depleted in a world where populations are out of control, the unthinkable is legislated. This is one man's final moments in a choice that never really was a choice at all."

Brent Heffron played the main character in Yellowstone Sunset

Following the filming of Sacrifice, Brick Cave dialed back a little on project scope, looking to produce a shorter piece that better took their budget constraints into account.

With several Sacrifice alumni in tow, the resulting production was Yellowstone Sunset, a short that opens up the topic of right to choose the time to end your own life.

Brent Heffron and Kat Bingham on the set of Yellowstone Sunset

Wrapped and edited in 2011, the film has not yet been shown.

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