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Brick Cave Authors are available for a number of events and appearances. Using the guidelines and contact form below, you can begin the process of scheduling a Brick Cave Author for your upcoming opportunity.

Ultimately, the final decision on attending rests with the author themselves, as they may already be committed to other events or circumstances prevent their attending. As a general rule, the more time to you provide the better the chances that an author will be available to attend your event.

BC Authors Experience

Brick Cave have attended events in school classrooms, libraries, writer’s groups and conventions of all sizes. All have been panelists and presenters for crowds of all sizes and bring a dynamic, insightful and engaging style to their work.

Many of our authors have organized events of all sizes on their own, so they are keenly aware of the challenges inherent to making an event successful and enthusiastic to make sure your attendees are rewarded for their investment in the author’s appearance.

More details about each author’s experience and availability can be found on their biography page.

Ordering Books for Sale

Once an event is scheduled (and if the event plans to sell books), organizers of an event are welcome to contact Brick Cave Media to order books for a particular event. a 45% discount is provided from the retail price listing on books ordered for the event.

Honorariums & Expenses

It is the responsibility of the event hosting organization to pay for all travel costs and expenses incurred by the author during the visit. These expenses are in addition to the honorarium. Schools and smaller organizations can apply for grant monies from the Brick Cave Authors for Literacy program, if available.

Get Started Here

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