The Mists of Faeron by J.A. Giunta

The Mists of Faeron by J.A. Giunta book cover
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 482
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Y/A, Adult
Author Name: Giunta, J.A.
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190070
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190100
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2012002

The epic story of The Ascension continues from The Last Incarnation in book two.

Betrayed for a sentient sword called Aislin, his friends dead or dying, Barr woke in the waters and starry dark of a strange realm. A place where living shadows moved about, a plane between planes, it was a world of swirling mist that allowed for travel by thought alone. Its benefits were not without cost.

There was a balance to maintain, a price in furie to be paid by the Matron of the Mists – Barr’s mother. Without Aislin, her strength waned. Each use of the mists opened a portal to the Dark, a brief moment when umbrals could pass through. More than the Matron’s life, all of Faeronthalsos, every life on every world, was in danger of being consumed. Rather than face losing the mother he had only just met, Barr was determined to find and return the sword. Meanwhile, Markus and his revenants did the bidding of a mad god. Little stood in their way but Barr, his friends and…

The Mists of Faeron.

Review Quote-

“I have read the first book of this series and I could not wait to begin reading this one. New characters, more deceit and treachery, and heroes are to be read in this book. Barr has easily become one of my favorite characters and you begin to understand the character more.

J.A. Giunta does a great job in detailing certain aspect like the magic system yet does not overwhelm the reader with needless information. The action of the book is fast paced just as if you were within the fights and it keeps the reader’s attention.

“- Harold, Amazon


“The revenant roared at the skies.

His once vibrant flesh had long ago given way to rot, leaving behind hardened remnants of muscle and sinew. His skeleton was yellowed and jagged, where armor and black cloak did not conceal. Engraved into each bone were runes of great power, etched wards filled with the blood of a god. They protected his body more surely than any armor and fueled the bond with his lord.”

About the Author-

Author J.A. Giunta has created an imaginative realm filled with believable, passionate characters. His perceptive drawing of true emotions and scintillating mythology-building will enchant the reader from the first word to the last.

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