War Golem by J.A. Giunta

War Golem by J.A. Giunta book cover
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 264
Author Name: Giunta, J.A.
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190513
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190520
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2019002

Goblins craft their greatest weapon, a massive body of iron and enchantment.

To complete the war golem, they summon the most evil being in existence and bind his spirit to their creation.

What they wanted was a video game character.

Unfortunately, what they got was a teenage griefer.


“My family,” Sebran reluctantly admitted, as if he was ashamed or afraid of being judged, even by someone he despised, “aren’t just skilled practitioners. They’re spiritists. It’s a forbidden form of magic. They harness souls to work magic. It’s far more potent than channeling ley lines,” he added and looked down at the jar he cared for, “but it’s also cruel and despicable.”

Wait…Eric began to piece together an uncomfortable thought. Is essence a soul? I thought it was just like life force or something. He wondered if what he’d been taking to fuel his changes were actual, supposedly eternal, souls. Is that what makes the golem so powerful? So, does that mean if I take someone’s essence, their soul no longer exists? Am I stealing their afterlife?

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