Knights of Virtue: The Guardians, Keepers of the Magic by J.A. Giunta

Knights of Virtue by J.A. Giunta book cover
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 316
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Author Name: Giunta, J.A.
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190049
ISBN: Hardbound: 9781938190681
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2012003

From author J.A. Giunta (The Last Incarnation, War Golem, Supernal Dawn), a collection of stories following the events of a family that shape a kingdom, The Guardians series is a continuing look into the lives of true heroes.

The Recipe, inherited instructions to a secret magic, is passed on and protected by each generation of Guardians. Guided by inner strength and the abilities invested through Essence magic, the Knights of Virtue struggle to maintain a fragile balance.

Samuel Esrald decides the time to pass on the Recipe has come and calls together his six children to tell the tale of how it all began: While Magarius pursues his experiments to unleash the power of Essence, the Esrald brothers seek to fulfill their father’s dream of creating the one cookie that will satisfy their King. When the two endeavors are thrown together by a mischievous Faerie Dragon named Flicker, the result is a series of mishap, adventure, and the Recipe. The virtues idealized by each of the brothers are Truth, Courage, Honor, Strength, Valor, and Humility. As Essence magic amplifies the core of a person’s being, what if one whose purpose is not so pure should ever be affected?Realizing this, the brothers swear the Oath of Virtue, a promise to keep others from harm by safeguarding the magic. With their ancestral story told, the new Knights of Virtue take the Oath as well. And the waking of old powers begins…
What Others Are Saying
“This is a good solid start to what will possibly be a good series. All the basic elements are there and the characters are believable”- GemT1976, AmazonAbout Author J.A. Giunta

“In the end, however, it was a tabletop role-playing game that led me to writing, though oddly enough not to reading for another six years. Running D&D sessions made me a writer. Reading books made my writing worth reading.”

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