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Welcome to the 2022 Brick Cave Media Holiday Buying Guide, Science Fiction Book Edition. This is a great guide to introducing indpendent authors to the readers on your gift list. While we of course recommend any of our books as gifta for the readers in your life, we picked a few that we thought would make a great first impression, letting your recipient know that you had given thought to connecting them with the right book.

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Science Fiction Book Recommendations for 2022 


 Your Reader Loves Firefly

 Davis GlowGems 150

 Glowgems for Profit, Bruce Davis
"There's a harsh new universe to explore in this gritty, fast-paced story that never lets go."- Fate

The book that launched a thousand starships... well, Ok, just one, but it's a great cast of characters that get drawn into some pretty interesting circumstances. And with a sequel (Thieves Profit) and more on the way, your reader will have plenty of Zack and company to keep them entertained for a lonbg time to come.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

Your Reader Loves Steampunk

Skinner Lostuns 150 

 Lostuns Found, Sharon Skinner
"Sharon does such a great job of pulling you into her stories right away."- Dawn V.

It has hues of Oliver Twist and Peter Pan sewn into a rich and wonderful steampunk world ready for you to explore.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

Your Reader Loves a Good Technothriller Like Dean Koontz

Marsh Mariners 150 

 Mariner's Wake, Adam Marsh
"The world building is so expansive and detailed, so I was immersed in the world and its characters right away. I love the shipsies and their culture. I easily found myself rooting for Kara and her crew."- CDV

Brick Cave's most awarded title to date, Mariner's Wake is a thrill ride from start to finish- one that surely will shiw your gift recipient that you knew EXACTLY what an action adventure book is.

 AmazonBarnes and NobleBrick Cave MediaIndieBound

BC Merch Recommendations


 art bc

 Brick Cave Art

Capture the amazing art of Brick Cave for your walls! frames, and available in large sizes (up to 24"x36"), you can make sure the recipient of this gift remembers your kindness and generosity with the value of this gift.

Brick Cave Media

BC Book Club as a Gift

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Try a Gift Card?

GC 1Digital Gift Cards are a great option for the reader that you want to select their own titles to read. We offer Digital Gift cards through the Brick Cave Square Store. The cards are valid at the Brick Cave Square Store for any books or merchandise listed.

Different Book Options?

 Check out the Brick Cave Science Fiction Book Catalog for more intruiging works of prose from Brick Cave authors.

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