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Lostuns Found middle grade steampunk book by Sharon Skinner
In the steam-powered city of Landings, Gage and Wind must put aside their rivalry to save their fellow orphans being kidnapped by smugglers.




In the smoke-covered, steam-powered city of Landings, the filthy streets of the lower city are rife with criminals. It’s a rough place where orphans and lost children known as streeters struggle to survive by banding together, forming rival crews.

Gage dreams of earning passage to a better place while Wynd has a promise to keep, the last one she ever made to her father.
When their fellow streeters begin to disappear, Gage and Wynd must put aside their long-standing rivalry and work together to rescue their mates from a crew of ruthless, kidnapping smugglers.
But can sworn enemies be trusted to do the right thing under pressure?


"Gage stiffened. Hob-nailed boots clicked on the greasy cobbles, then passed by. After a bit, he let himself breathe normally. Dusky shadows settled, and he silently cursed himself for having left the gang’s safe space when he had. Not that he’d had a choice. But it had gained him nothing. Nothing but a face full of dirt and a pant leg full of whatever bugs had begun crawling on him as he lay in the dank space.

At least there’d been no more sign of Cutter. Likely the rotten copper was even now making his evening tavern rounds, throwing down the free drinks he forced the landlords to give him in order to leave off troubling their patrons.

He rose up slowly, smacking at the insects that had crawled inside his breeches. Too late, he realized his mistake. The boots that had passed by earlier stomped back and a dark shadow fell across the opening to his hidey.

“There ya are.” Cutter’s satisfied voice sent a chill scuttering up Gage’s back."


Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Author Name: Skinner, Sharon
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190773
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190780
ISBN: Hardbound: 9781938190797
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2022002

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About Sharon Skinner

 “I tend to come at difficult subject matter from a subtle direction, using fiction to delve into things that are often difficult to discuss rationally. In addition to the challenges of their often-heroic journeys, my characters deal with real-world issues like difficult relationships, dark secrets, prejudice, death, domestic abuse, questioning authority, and self-acceptance. I purposely avoid being preachy or didactic and I like to salt a bit of humor and mischievous fun into the mix.”