Lostuns Found by Sharon Skinner

Lostuns Found middle grade steampunk book by Sharon Skinner
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Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Author Name: Skinner, Sharon
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190773
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190780
ISBN: Hardbound: 9781938190797
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2022002

In the smoke-covered, steam-powered city of Landings, the filthy streets of the lower city are rife with criminals. It’s a rough place where orphans and lost children known as streeters struggle to survive by banding together, forming rival crews.

Gage dreams of earning passage to a better place while Wynd has a promise to keep, the last one she ever made to her father.
When their fellow streeters begin to disappear, Gage and Wynd must put aside their long-standing rivalry and work together to rescue their mates from a crew of ruthless, kidnapping smugglers.
But can sworn enemies be trusted to do the right thing under pressure?

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