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Mirabella and the Faded Phantom by Sharon Skinner

Book cover for Mirabella and the Faded Phantom by Sharon Skinner
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 224
Genre: Paranormal
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Author Name: Skinner, Sharon
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190162
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190186
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2014002

A middle grade paranormal adventure from author Sharon Skinner (The Nelig Stones, The Healer’s Legacy).

When twelve-year old Mirabella and her mother move into Great Aunt Clovinia’s old house, Mirabella discovers they aren’t the only ones living there. A mysterious faded specter haunts the place.

When the house is scheduled for demolition, Mirabella must unravel the mystery of the ghost’s identity, and free it from the old house before it’s too late..

Accolades/Review Quotes
“Mirabella and the Faded Phantom is a sweet and fun read for pre-teens and just about anyone. Mirabella deals with bullying, losing a parent and fitting in – all very real issues – in an authentic and realistic way.”- Carol Barreyre

“I wish to give this book my highest possible recommendation for all ages. If you are an adult with the wisdom to still occasionally enjoy being a child then this imaginative story will be great fun! “- John Paul Ried

About Sharon Skinner-
“One of the reasons that I write is that I feel driven to analyze the motives and causes of personal behavior and their relationship to societal conditioning. Ray Bradbury once told an interviewer that, “Science fiction pretends to look into the future, but it’s really looking at a reflection of what is already in front of us.” Fantasy does something similar for me. It allows me to look at and engage readers in examining an issue in a way that gives the perspective of distance, rather than shoving it in the reader’s face.”

“Something hissed and a wet chill wrapped around Mirabella’s wrist and crawled toward her shoulder. She whipped around and glimpsed the outline of someone sitting on the edge of her bed. But as she stared, the image faded to a blur.”

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