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It’s Spooky Season once again, and Brick Cave is ready for you with some great book titles for you to enjoy this October. As a sci-fi and fantasy book publisher Brick Cave's catalog is filled with season appropriate titles, but today we thought we might draw attention to three that would be worth a look for Halloween reading.

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Skinner BFAR 250First up is the BRAND NEW release from Sharon Skinner, Blood From a Rose. This collection of dark short prose and poetry is sure to fill the bill for your need for something scary. The book is a journey, taking you on a descent into the darkness before bringing you back into the morning light. For our part, one of the best bits is the introduction. You are kicked right into the path with the fantastic short Grist for the Mill with additional standouts Brittle, Dust and To Do a Thing Well all peppering your senses with new experiences. Poetry sprinkles across the collection like seasoning, making each page a must read. Representing the ascent into morning, you are treated to the fantastic A Day in the Life of Kel-Fazz, a twist of the classic odd couple tale.

All in all, a worthy addition to your book shelf for the Halloween season.

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Something a Little Lighter?

Skinner Mirabella 150Speaking of Sharon, for those looking for something perhaps a little less… sinister, there is Mirabella and the Faded Phantom. A fantastic middle grade story that revolved around the mystery of a ghost that cannot remember who they are, many of our readers have likened it to Charlotte’s Web for its emotional gravitas. A great story for those young readers of any age.

When twelve-year old Mirabella and her mother move into Great Aunt Clovinia’s old house, Mirabella discovers they aren’t the only ones living there. A mysterious faded specter haunts the place.

When the house is scheduled for demolition, Mirabella must unravel the mystery of the ghost’s identity, and free it from the old house before it’s too late.

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Dress Up, Time?

Haven I 150Halloween is all about costumes. The Stories of Haven: I is full of costumes. The series of short stories by Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Bob Nelson, Nick Ozment and others is a “comic as short story” extravaganza of heroes and villains getting the best of each other.

Haven is a city in peril. Crime has increasingly become a fact of life as different factions vie for control of the city's vast power and wealth. The authorities are pressed at every turn, often too weak to respond to emergencies, almost equally as often influenced by forces with ill intent.

In desperation, some of its citizens have taken to wearing costumes and creating alternate identities to fight crime. In turn, the criminals have donned masks to hide their own identities, create alternate personae, or both.

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We think you'd like any of these titles as a good Holloween themed reads. As always, drop us a review on your favorite service, or even become a BC Book Club member and chat the books up in the forums.

Happy Spooky Reading!