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  • Pages (Paperback Edition): 106
  • Genre: Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
  • Reading Level: Y/A, Adult
  • Author Name: Skinner, Sharon, Giunta, J.A., Nelson, Bob
  • ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190216
  • BC Catalogue ID: BCB2011002
Book Cover for The Stories of Haven: I

A collection of action packed fast paced sci-fi comic plots written as short stories from the likes of Sharon Skinner (The Healer’s Legacy, Collars and Curses, The Nelig Stones), J.A. Giunta (The Last Incarnation, War Golem, Knights of Virtue), Bob Nelson (The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker) and Nick Ozment (Smoke the Dragon: A Novel of Knight Terrors)

About the book

Haven is a city in peril. Crime has increasingly become a fact of life as different factions vie for control of the city’s vast power and wealth. The authorities are pressed at every turn, often too weak to respond to emergencies, almost equally as often influenced by forces with ill intent. The city is home to millions and attracts more, some seeking opportunity, some seeking escape, still others seeking something else. In desperation, some of its citizens have taken to wearing costumes and creating alternate identities to fight crime. In turn, the criminals have donned masks to hide their own identities, create alternate personae, or both.

Follow characters like Jaguar,  Reaper, Grimm and more as they create new stories of epic legend and adventure.

Haven was started in 1994 as part of a literary nonprofit called Anthology through their magazine of the same name. In 2009, Anthology asked Brick Cave Media to develop and promote the Haven series as a separate entity. This book is the result of that effort.

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