Blood From a Rose by Sharon Skinner

Book cover for Blood From a Rose by Sharon Skinner
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 159
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror
Reading Level: Adult
Author Name: Skinner, Sharon
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-938190-80-3
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2022003

A dark fantasy, poetry and sci fi collection from author Sharon Skinner.

Blood From a Rose takes the reader into the dark spaces between dusk and dawn, serving up dark fantasy, paranormal and supernatural short fiction. An exploration of our shadow sides, things that go slurp in the dark, magical entrapment, demons that get their due, and fairy tales that show their true colors.

This collection contains stories, poetry and flash fiction that ranges from disturbing and unnerving, to haunting and strange, with some dark humorous twists along the way.

Contains mature themes.

About Sharon Skinner

 “I tend to come at difficult subject matter from a subtle direction, using fiction to delve into things that are often difficult to discuss rationally. In addition to the challenges of their often-heroic journeys, my characters deal with real-world issues like difficult relationships, dark secrets, prejudice, death, domestic abuse, questioning authority, and self-acceptance. I purposely avoid being preachy or didactic and I like to salt a bit of humor and mischievous fun into the mix.”


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