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The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: Sounds of Time by Bob Nelson & Sharon Skinner book cover

Faced with a threat half a world away, Tavara finds herself confronting an adversary that has even gotten the attention of Queen Victoria. Tavara must race against the Black Airship to save the lives of countless innocent people... and Johnathan as well. A follow up to The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: Le Tour de Paris.


ISBN: eBook: 9781938190193


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 Written jointly by author's Sharon Skinner (The Healer's Legacy, Collars and Curses) and Bob Nelson (The Stories of Haven, Futurewords), The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker follow the exploits of Tavara Tinker in an alternate history based on Steam technology. With nods to people and places that existed in 19th century history, the tales are non stop action from start to finish.


Review Quote-

"Loved this second Tavara Tinker story, loved the intrigue and the developing relationship between Tavara and Jonathan." - Len Evans Jr. on Amazon.

"Such an entertaining adventure with drama and a subtle sense of humour which made me smile." - Shiraz on Amazon



Tavara dashes up the gangplank. “Ahoy, the quarterdeck,” she calls, stepping onto the craft. “Captain Clatheos, what a pleasure to see you again!” She embraces the burley man. 

The captain pats her gingerly on the back, then steps away, his bright blush shining against his white whiskers. “Ahem. Ms. Tinker, always a pleasure. Where are we off to on this fine evening?”

“We’re heading to Paris tonight, my good captain.” She produces a sheaf of papers from her valise, handing them to the captain. “Here are the coordinates.”

“Ah, yes. Ms. Tinker, if I may, I know we are a bit late in making our departure. However, please don’t blame Mr. Barrymore. Much of the delay this time was mine.”

Tavara glances at Jonathan, then locks her eyes on the Captain. “You boys and your loyalty.” With a sigh, she glides toward a door at the front of the quarterdeck, pausing a moment before entering her stateroom. “I have some work to do. Please, let me know when we’re ready to lift off,” she says before sweeping out of the room.


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Genre: Science Fiction/ Steampunk

Reading Level: Youg Adult/Adult

Author Name: Nelson, Bob and Skinner,. Sharon

ISBN: Paperback: N/A

ISBN: eBook: 9781938190193

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About Bob-

Writer, Poet, Director, Producer Bob Nelson writes fantastical stories with great characters. Bob is the owner of Publisher Brick Cave Media, Executive Director of Anthology, Inc and runs the Mesa Book Festival, Mesa Book Crawl and Roadside Book Festival events each year. Bob's first (and so far only) feature film Sacrifice is available on He is also dad to several cats and a couple fantastic humans.

About Sharon-

Sharon Skinner holds a BA in English, an MA in Creative Writing and is a Certified Book Coach and freelance editor, who helps writers weave their words into stories that shine. Skinner also serves as the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Arizona, a division of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.