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Futurewords: A Brick Cave Anthology Book Cover

Futurewords A Brick Cave Anthology is a compilation of stories from five authors from Brick Cave Books. Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Scott Woods, Colette Black and Bob Nelson each add a story to this strong collection of science fiction.


ISBN: Papertback: 9781938190339

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ISBN: eBook: 9781938190322


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Book Description

Five of Brick Cave’s authors have come together to create this unique collection including:

Sharon Skinner
A young woman on a distant planet embarks upon a perilous journey, seeking a mythical place rumored to hold the answers to the questions that have haunted her since childhood, and finds a surprising personal truth.

J.A. Giunta
Time is… well… relative.

Scott Woods
Second Coming Soon
It’s the second coming and it could be the greatest comeback tour ever.

Colette Black
Swan’s Petition
Sir Richard Swan’s petition recounts the origin of his kind through the history of his forebear; a boy in love with a girl he can never have, hunted by a man he never knew, and desperate for his hereditary power as yet denied.Swan’s Petition

Bob Nelson
After a hard fought battle, the crew of the Jolly Jo look for refuge at a neutral Outpost. What they find could change the whole Human-Proximan equation.Outpost



Being in space is like being submerged in water. There is no sound, no movement. You feel a dull sensation that isn't noise, but isn't silence either. It's like you’ve been removed from existence, allowed to sit outside and stare in, and feel the continuous hum of life flow through you.

You can lose yourself in all that endlessness, all that . . . space.

Until you remember you have a job to do, and you turn your attention back to the task at hand. Something like a big hole ripped in the side of your ship by the laser cannon of a particularly angry Proximan battle cruiser.

From Outpost by Bob Nelson


Pages (Paperback Edition): 130
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Reading Level: Adult
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190339
ISBN: eBook: 9781938190322
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2017001
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Series Info

This is the first book in the Futurewords series