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Book cover for The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: LeTour de Paris by Sharon Skinner and Bob Nelson"We were just looking to write a fun series together that we wanted to read."- Bob Nelson, co-author of The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker.

That's how Brick Cave PSE Bob Nelson describes the Tavara Tinker Steampunk series of stories.

"Sharon had cultivated this great character through her cosplay work and enjoymrent of the Steampubk genre. We wanted to work on some new fiction together, and we realized Tavara Tinker was the perfect character for that work."

Book cover for The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The Sounds of Time by Sharon Skinner and Bob NelsonAbout the Series

Tavara Tinker leads a double life. By day, a proper Victorian lady. By night, deep in the heart of industrial London, she maintains a research laboratory and a steam-powered factory where she creates the clothes and weapons for a new generation of adventurer.

Historical Elements

"We spend a great deal of time on the historical elements of the stories. As alternative history fiction, we wanted you to meet some of the real people in the history of the second half of the 19th century" continues Bob. "So those characters have to be both true to what we know about them, yet still be engaged as a charcater in th story. It adds another element to the reader's enjoyment."

Book cover for The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The New World by Sharon Skinner and Bob NelsonRead Them All

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