Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - BiblioCon: I Announces Exclusive Panel Lineup

Happening Saturday, July 30th, BiblioCon is Brick Cave Media's own author showcase event. Attendees can buy from any of Brick Cave's titles available during the day and meet several Brick Cave authors. Attendance is free, and if the attendee uses the RSVP link at the bootiom of the event page, they will have exclusive access to one of six sessions listed below featuring talent from Brick Cave.

Event Link (to RSVP)
Saturday, July 30, 2022
OneohOne Gallery
101 W Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

The panel schedule is announced as follows: 


The Future of Brick Cave: Brick Cave CEO Bob Nelson

Get a read in on all of the upcoming books, audio and film projects coming from the studio.



It’s 45 minutes with Patrick Hare!

Everything you ever wanted to know out one of Brick Cave’s pre-eminent poets.



It’s the Marcus Campbell Three Quarters of an Hour!

With the release of My Identity as a Stereotypical Side Character, Marcus has shown that he both talented enough and determined enough to change the future of poetry as expression. Ask him about it.



Joe Time!

J.A. Giunta is the whole reason Brick Cave Books exist- and now you can hear from the author of The Warden’s Legacy about how he creates such compelling works.



Doctor Davis is in and Will See You Now

Bruce Davis has all the stories, not just fictional ones, either. Find out about the forthcoming Silver Magic in the Magic Law series and spend time with this amazing talent.



One Author to Rule Them All

Who gets her fellow authors to up their game? There is no Brick Cave without Sharon Skinner, and you can find out all the stories AND get the inside skinner on her new collection of (very) dark stories and poems coming out this fall.