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Brick Cave Book Club Benefits Series: Sapphire Dragon Membership


   This is a bit of a deeper dive on each of the Benefit levels of the BC Book Club. Today we are going to deep dive on the Sapphire Dragon Level.

About the Book Club

   The BC Book Club is the Brick Cave version of a Patreon, where readers that like our authors and the books or other projects we engage in can support the Press with a subscription. The regular support helps us to pay the bills, create new content and market to an even wider audience. For the supporter, the BC Book Club member, they get a number of benefits for their support. This article talks about the Sapphire membership ($5/month), but there are also Diamond Dragon ($10/month) and an Onyx Dragon ($20/month). There is also a free level, Ruby Dragon.  

Be in the Community

Be a Sapphire Dragon Member Today!

   As with the Ruby Dragon level, members gain access to the BC Book Club Forums, which serve as the community gathering place for our authors, and as our announcement platform for much of the intra-day news that happens here at Brick Cave. Share your thoughts on new podcast episodes, new YouTube video's, new book releases and more. By design, it is the sort of "one stop newsstand" for all things Brick Cave.

Watch the Crazy

   Also, in line with the Ruby membership. members receive access to the Event photo galleries, where we share the photos of our various events and our various galavanting around the globe. They are fun ways to keep tabs on your favorite authors.

Listen Here

   Where Sapphire Dragon start to get additional benefits begins in Audio. Brick Cave started in audio (you've probably heard Bob talk about that ad nauseam. That being said, there is exclusive Audio post to the Brick Cave site frequently, and Sapphire members can listen to it any time. Whether it be Podcast segments, interviews or other crazy sounds, Brick Cave always has something cooking in Audio. We call that space The Listening Room.

Exclusive AMA's

   Sapphire Dragon members also get exclusive "Ask Me Anything" opportunities with Brick Cave Authors, Brick Cave staff, and more. These could be in person, via Webcast or in the forums. They are fun and engaging ways to stay in touch with your favorite authors.

The Store Discount

   While all BC Book Club members receive a discount in the Square store, the Sapphire Dragon members receive a 25% discount on any and all orders. It's a great way to gift shop for others, place your pre-orders and more. The best part, id that the BC Store has products unavailable anywhere else, like Puzzles of your favorite book covers, posters, clothing and more. What's even BETTER, is that we carry that discount through to our events, so Sapphire Dragon members can find us at their favorite event and save on their books.

Sapphire Dragon membership does A LOT to support Brick Cave. $5 doesn't seem like very much every month, but your support, combined with others over time, gives us a powerful foundation to create new books, audio and video.

Joining is Easy

You just click the button below, pick the Sapphire level, and enter your info. That's it and you are in the club and ready to  go! 

Be a Sapphire Dragon Member Today!

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