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Brick Cave Media Announces New Film Production, Call Me Creative

First new film project for the studio in eight years.

Call Me Creative is series dedicated to examining creative people, their stories and their work, is a documentary style episodic production. The first season, Call Me Creative: The Writers, will debut in the first part of 2023.

The series will be helmed by Johnny Skinner (Sum of Its Parts, Silly Simon), an award winning director, producer, writer and musician. Writer, director and producer Jackie Hatton (Debunked) will serve as Producer for the series. Bob Nelson (Sacrifice) of Brick Cave Media will serve as Executive Producer for the series.

"We are excited to create these intensive looks into Creatives, their work, and the nature of creation" shared Bob Nelson. "This series is a great window into the soul of artistic creation."

The first season is slated for six episodes, each featuring an author, who's personal creative journey and an examination of their creative works will form the backbone of each episode.

Episodes are expected to be released to streaming services with network announcements following in future releases. The series will also be available to Diamond Dragon BC Book Club Members through their BC Book Club Access.

More information can be found at

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