Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Brick Cave Announces Januaruy 2022 BC Book Box- Steampunk Theme

Tavara Tinker New World ABCoverBrick Cave Media has released the January 2022 Book Box to BC Book Club Subscribers, themeing the virtual box as steampunk science fiction celebrating the recent release of The New World, the third story in The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker series.

In the virtual box, subscribers received a complimentary copy of The New World in audiobook format. "But then we thought, It doesn't make much sense if you have to start in the middle" shared Brick Cave PSE Bob Nelson. Brick Cave also included a code for EACH of the first two stories, Le Tour de Paris and The Sounds of Time. "We just felt better if you got to enjoy the third installment in context," continued Bob.

This third installment of the Tavara Tinker series is again narrated by the incomparable Melanie Fraser, an amazing talent who brings a whole new level of depth to the characters and story of the series. The story is again written by authors Bob Nelson and Sharon Skinner, and their development of the compelling story of late 19th century New York made the wait for the release well worth it. History buffs will recognize more than one name in this installment.

Brick Cave also included a complimentary code to download the eBook version of Le Tour de Paris, the first book in the series and a social media friendly edition of the audiobook cover for The New World.

BC Book Club members at either the Sapphire Dragon or Diamond Dragon levels receive their BC Book Boxes, which can be either virtual or physical, on a regular schedule based on when new books are released from the press. Typically themed, the collections are designed to show gratitude to supporters of the press.

Interested person can join the BC Book Club through the signup page, located here.