Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - 2021 Brick Cave Holiday Gift Giving Guide

2021HSGAs we do each holiday season, Brick Cave presents a convenient gift giving guide to support you in all things Brick Cave giving. 2021 is no different, and this year we REALLY have some great opportunities for you to share the storytelling magic of Brick Cave's authors with the readers in your life, and perhaps score a thing or two for yourself. :)

We have many different ways to shop Brick Cave, and this page has just a few of them.

Remember our Delivery Guidelines
Check the Brick Cave 2021 Holiday Delivery Guidelines to make sure you will receive your items on time.

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Our Brick Cave Store on Square is a great first stop in your Brick Cave shopping journey.

Where's the unique stuff?

Looking for Audio, like Spoken Word albums, our Sacrifice move or other mystical Brick Cave gems? Hit up the Brick Cave Store on Amazon.

Newest Book Releases- 2021

Of course, any of our releases make great gifts, but here's a way to score some serious points with the fan of Brick Cave that hasn't been able to be with us on the festival circuit for awhile. The best part is that our new site makes it EASY to connect with the store of your choice to get it ordered and delivered in time.

Marsh Mariners 150 

 Mariner's Wake, Adam Marsh

Amazon  |  Brick Cave  | Barnes & Noble  |  IndieBound

This is THE Brick Cave book of the holiday season. Already receiving a starred review from Kirkus and topping Brick Cave's own best seller lists,  this technothriller is a must have, or a must give for the sci-fi reader in your circle.

Best for: Sci-Fi, technothriller readers. fans of strong charcater development.

 Giunta TWL 150

 The Warden's Legacy, J.A. Giunta

Amazon  |  Brick Cave  | Barnes & Noble  |  IndieBound

On the Fantasy side, this is one of the best titles we have published, period. Uniquely told from the point of view of a dragon, this story will engulf you in wonder and mystery.

Best for: Fantasy readers. Dragon lovers.

 Campana ANegative 150

 poems in the key of A-negative, Bill Camapna

Amazon  |  Brick Cave  | Barnes & Noble IndieBound

There is poetry, and then there is Bill Campana poetry. Smart, observant, pointed and at time reflective and often irreverent, few poets can match Bill in skill.

Best for: Poetry readers with a discerning taste for whimsy and a touch of snark.

Gift Cards (Guerdons)

Our Brick Cave Guerdons give you the ability to give a REALLY cool custom gift and let them choose the book they want. The best part, is that they can be refilled, meaning they can have their own constant access to great stories and books whenever they want them! Just click the image below and go straight to the order page.

Custon Gift Card from the Brick Cave Square StoreCustom Gift Card from the Brick Cave Square StoreCustom Gift Card from the Brick Cave Square StoreCustom Gift Card from the Brick Cave Square StoreCustom Gift Card from the Brick Cave Square Store

Something 4 YOU

BCBookClub Final RedThis holiday season, until December 31, 2021. any purchase on the new Brick Cave Store @ Square will give you the gift of one year of Sapphire Dragon Brick Cave Book Club Membership (a $60 value).

The BC Book Club gives to access to the Brick Cave Forums as well as exclusive Brick Cave Podcast segments from all of our Podcasters.


The Brick Cave Life

HGG 2021 dad hat 

Brick Cave "Classic Dad" Hat

Oh, we at Brick Cave do love our caps. now you too can wear the three dragons on your head and share your Brick Cave pride.

Brick Cave

 HGG 2021 Poster  

BC The Healer's Legacy- Framed Poster of the Book Cover

The cover that launched a publisher, now you can now decorate your literary space with the fantastic Brick Cave cover art from renown artist Thitipon Dicruen. You can score your framed poster in 12"x18" or 24"x36" sizes with your choice of a black or white frame.

Brick Cave

 HGG 2021 bag  

BC Books Drawstring Bag, 2021 Edition

You are going to need a bag for all of your Brick Cave goodies. Our 15"x17" spun polyester bag will be just the thing to hold your next hreat read.

Brick Cave

Find Your Next Great Read

 Brick Cave Maintains several stores for you to find our books collected in one space for your to order. Be it Amazon, or Bookshop, or more. Stores include:

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Of Course, e-Books

 If you'd like to find specific Brick Cave e-Books on a particular platform, we can help you there as well. We have collected some landing pages specific to several e-Book platforms and you can search for the title you'd like right from there:

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