if porchlights have moths . . . by Bill Campana

if portchlights have moths by Bill Campana book cover
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Pages (Paperback Edition): 111
Genre: Poetry
Author Name: Campana, Bill
ISBN: Paperback: 9781938190544
BC Catalogue ID: BCB2020004

With a full title of: if porchlights have moths then raincoats have fish, or pinhole photography, tunnel vision, and existential observations while peeking through keyholes, or ancient sumerian dating tips and gregorian cat calls, or abandoned by wolves only to be raised by plant life, poet Bill Campana once again dismisses convention for the sake of art.

A compelling and engaging 5th collection of free form poetry and Haiku that is sure to remind you just how brilliant and unique a talent Bill is.


Misc. Haiku

you’re on a shoestring
budget and you can’t even
afford new shoestrings

you can’t catch kidney
stones unless the afflicted
is aiming at you

(i went down to the) intersection
movement like
avant-garde rain

on a glass canvas.
the night is a blind
gallery of indecision.

motion like driving
toward the darkness.
the road slick and daring.

traffic lights bleeding
red bleeding green onto
a wet shiny intersection.

staccato thoughts lost
in the long fluid lines
of momentum.

excuse me
kicking around in
quantum hysterical
anatomic bomb shelters,
dancing to the tune
Of $250 shoes

gulping the socialized
medicine knock out,
not for the faint of heart
break but for wreck of beauty.

exceeding the boiling point
of being cool…
if you were me
i was a fool.

the smell of disbelief
and the aftertaste of implausibility.
your neckline read like a magazine.
sales slick, scratched pages
curling toward obscurity.

About Bill Campana
“i’m at the 3:36 exhibit at the museum of modern time.”- Bill Campana

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