Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - December 2021 and January 2022 BC Review Roundup

It's been awhile since we checked in on recent reviews, so we thought we would see what's happened in December 2021 and January 2022 on the review side. Here are a few we thought we'd share.

Why Reviews Matter

Reviews are important. Honest reviews are great feedback for both he publisher and the writer. Reviews guide recommendations among various stores and services. And then there is the good feeling knowing your book is connecting with readers. An average of just over 19 starred reviews were left for Brick Cave books on Amazon in 2021. Your support with a review is a powerful tool to help our publishing, books and authors flourish.



 Skinner THL 150

The Healer's Legacy
Sharon Skinner
4 Stars

"I liked this book. It flowed nicely and the characters were well-written and appealing. . . "
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 Marsh Mariners 150

Mariner's Wake
Adam Marsh
5 Stars

"The world building is so expansive and detailed, so I was immersed in the world and its characters right away. I love the shipsies and their culture." See the full review:


Google Play Books

 Davis Platinum 150

Platinum Magic
Bruce Davis
5 Stars

"The love child of lord of the rings and Serpico. Great read, one of the few I've not wanted to put down throughout my day. Look forward to his future books." See the full review:

- Ed Note- this one was from before December 2021, but we missed it somehow, and LOVED the reference.



Where we Peek for Reviews

Currently, we peek into Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books and Rakuten Kobo for recent reviews. We also share reviews from book bloggers, booktubers and book tokers that send us their review link. Brick Cave does reserve the right not to share a review.