Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - 10K10Year Celebration Video Recap

Brick Cave Media celebrated a "10K 10Year" milestone in December, 2020. Celebrating the organization's 10th anniversary in publishing in addition to the sales milestone of selling 10,000 books, the 2 hour event featured Brick Cave Authors that had published each year between 2010 and 2020.

Following the event, the recordings were broken into their respective years and published to the organizations Brick Cave Media YouTube Channel. Viewers may click the text links below to see more about a given author and their books.

Part I: 2010-2013

Celebrating their first 10 years of publishing, Brick Cave Media interviews the authors that released books between 2010-2013, Sharon Skinner & J.A. Giunta.

Part II: 2014

Celebrating the books released in the year 2014, Brick Cave Media interviews Bill Campana, J.J.M Czep and Sharon Skinner about their books released in 2014.

Part III: 2015

Sharon Skinner, The Klute, Bill Campana and Louise Robertson join host Bob Nelson to talk about their books published in the year 2015.

Part IV: 2017-2018

Authors Scott Woods, Bruce Davis, Bill Campana, J.A. Giunta and Sharon Skinner share the stories behind their respective books released in 2017 and 2018.

Part V: 2019

Authors Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta and Louise Robertson join host Bob Nelson to talk about their Brick Cave Books released in 2019.

Part VI: 2020

Brick Cave Authors Bruce Davis, Louise Robertson, Sharon Skinner, Patrick Hare, Bill Campana join host Bob Nelson for a discussion of the books that were released by Brick Cave in 2020.