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Welcome to the Brick Cave Family, Bree!

BreeWelch 300pxRecently, Brick Cave release The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner in audio book format. Narrating the book, and the series, is Bree Welch. Bree is an American actress with twenty years of experience in theatre, film, television, animation and narration.  She has performed in over forty theatrical productions in America and over ten productions in Europe, where she lived for two years as an actor and teacher.  She is a graduate of the Old Globe Master of Fine Arts Professional Acting Program, where she worked under the direction of the former Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.  She was named Best Actress by the Houston Chronicle in 2015 and Best Supporting Actress by the Houston Press in 2016.  She is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association. Her online presence is at

Brick Cave interviewed Bree for the release of the book. The Healer's Legacy in audio book is now available through Amazon, Audible and Apple Books. The Book is also available in Paperback, eBook and Hard Bound editions.

Bree, share a little about you.

Hello! Aside from being a new mom, I am an actor, director, and teacher who has worked primarily in theatre for 20 years but has done film, television and narration as well.  I lived in California for many years, where I received my MFA at the Old Globe professional actor training program.  I also lived in Europe for a few years, where I was an actor and teacher.  A lot of my background has a Classical focus- lots of Shakespeare!  Which is what brought me to California and to Europe.  I love heightened language and complex texts. My husband and I love to travel and explore the outdoors but I recently became a mom and that has been the most exciting adventure to date!

How did you get started as a voice talent?

I’ve worked as an actor for 20 years and voice work has always been my favorite aspect of acting.  I have a history of voicing animation, video games, and commercials, so Audio Book narration was an exciting next step.   My husband is a really talented voice actor and producer so with his help, I have been doing more narration.

What brought you to The Healer’s Legacy?

The short sample that’s available to preview was only the first chapter and I was hooked!!!  Not only are the characters vivid and beautifully laid out with layers of complex descriptions by the author, Sharon Skinner, but it’s all wrapped up and wound around this incredible, strong, captivating female lead.  I grew up loving fantasy but there’s an uneven divide of strong male-leads and strong-female leads.  Sharon has created something really special with this trilogy and I feel really lucky to have a part in it.

It’s clear that you bring a lot of care and emotion to your narration, what qualities in writing do you feel makes for a successful text to narrate?

Voice and opinion usually help me the most.  If the characters display a clear opinion or attitude then it is much easier for me to color the performance and much of that is discovered through the analysis of the character’s voice or chosen words.  Sharon is an incredible writer who does just that- she gives a very clear voice to each chapter, depending on who is narrating and within that narration, we learn a lot about a character’s motivation, obstacles, fears, desires, and joys.

That is the end of Part I of this interview. Read Part II of the Interview here.

Bree can be contacted through her website,

The Healer's Legacy in audio book is now available through Amazon, Audible and Apple Books.

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