Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Brick Cave Wraps 2021 Appearences with Pop Up Bookstore

Brick Cave Media recently wrapped the 2021 appearance schedule with a pop up book store at Jarrod's Coffee, Tea and Gallery in Downtown Mesa, AZ.

2021 12 11 09PatrickThe event served a dual purpose. Author Patrick Hare was on hand to sign books and greet attendees. Brick Cave had a full layout of titles available. The traffic through Jarrod's was brisk and everyone stayed plenty busy.

There was time to eat

2021 12 11 11burgerJarrod's had recently added smoked meats to their lunch menu, and the team took full advantage of their southwest flair.coupled with the eclectic art of the shop, it was a great setting for writers and readers to gather.

Cover Reveal

But there was another purpose to Saturday's agenda. Joining the team was Marcus Campbell, ready to share the cover for his forthcoming book, My Identity as a Stereotypical Side Character. Available now for Pre-order, the collection of poetry is set to be released later in December.

Taking full advantage of an opportunity, Patrick interviewed Marcus about the forthcoming title, which you can watch in the video here.