Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - 2021 Holiday Ordering and Product Availability
book cover of Mariner's Wake by Adam Marsh
Mariner's Wake by Adam Marsh, an expected popular title for the 2021 Brick Cave Holiday Season

[Mesa, AZ] Brick Cave Media today announced the anticipated holiday availability for it's books and other products as the holiday season approaches. The announcement comes with the caution that availability is subject to demand, and that items listed as available now may become unavailable over the course of the season.

Additionally, Brick Cave has compiled a "safe ship" date recommendation for orders places direct. All recommendations below are also subject to negative influence on shipping providers for delivery delays. Brick Cave cannot take responsibility for issues impacting shipping process delays and provides the dates below as best estimates.

Shared Bob Nelson, Brick Cave's Principal Support Executive, "As much as the Pandemic was a challenge in 2020, we have a good selection of titles on our shelves and ready to send. Normally, we would swell our books on hand in anticipation of our annual event schedule. With no events to speak of, we have those books available to our online store."


The Brick Cave Square Store has had inventory updated to reflect items that are available and ready to ship when ordered. Items that deplete inventory during the season will not be shown as available until new inventory has arrived.Books ordered online will be shipped within 48hrs. Safe Order Date to receive books in time for delivery before December 25 via our Square Store is December 13, 2021.

Third Party Resellers of Brick cave Books will be governed by their own inventory and order tracking systems, and books may or may not be available in quantity. For specific details of a particular store, please visit that store's website. Available Third party sellers are listed on the profile page within the website for each book in question.

Brick Cave Merchandise

The vendor that Brick Cave utilizes for production and delivery of our merchandise offerings has provided us with two important deadline dates. For mugs and wall art, it is suggested that orders be placed by the safe date of December 9, 2021. For all other products, the safe order date of December 8, 2021 is provided.

Brick Cave has a number of limited availability products that are available in the BC Square Store, those items have been appropriately inventoried and will be listed as out of stock when those inventories are depleted. Safe dates for these products is also December 13, 2021 for best chance of arrival before December 25.

Additional Options

The Brick Cave Square store offers Guerdons (Gift Cards) that are virtual and may be ordered anytime up to the date needed. Gift cards may be ordered in advance, and scheduled for delivery on a future date.

Best Practices

"Our higher end formats, such as hardbound editions, will be in short supply to order direct from us." stated Bob. "We encourage our readers to order hardbound editions from our independent bookstore partners, because it helps them, and it helps us get their attention, so we do not normally keep a large inventory of hardbound editions. If they show up in the BC Square Store, jump on them. They will be signed by the author and thus much more special."

Additionally, for the reader in your life that loves digital reads, Brick Cave encourages giving the gift of eBooks this holiday season. Flexible, convenient and available from most retailers, eBooks are a great giving option. The same can be said for Brick Cave's audio books, they can be flexibly given as gifts from the Brick Cave Store on Amazon.

Order Early. The sooner we can get your order to you, the better your chances obviously of receiving it on time. Also, if we run out of inventory, at this date we most likely would not receive new stock in time to turn that order around for you.