Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Brick Cave Development Update: October 2021

In the ongoing spirit of making Brick Cave better, here's a quick update on the development changes we have made as we move into October.

New store is live. We "soft launched" our new Square store in August, and have been tweaking it and adding books and other goodies to it. Also in August we sunset the seperate store we had at the website. In September we updated the store to refer people to the Square store. So far, all we need to do is keep adding books and products and we should have a great place for you to shop Brick Cave.

We have started the sunset for the forums. With our last event on those forums being Adam Marsh's Mariner's Wake AMA, we have now made those forums read only, in advance of closing them out later this month. Users have all been transferred here, to this site.

What's Next?

We'll be migrating content from the domian to the new domain here, so that we can sunset that site by the end of October. No new content will be published on and we will continue to encourage users to join us on the new site. As each site is closed, we will redirect them here, to a special landing page to help them get acquanted with their new surroundings.

There will be more new as we close in on November, and work to spend our first Holidays really stretching the legs of the new site and sharing even MORE content.

- Bob