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Brick Cave Media is excited to announce that for National Book Lovers Day, Authors 9, 2023, the publisher is sponsoring a sale for Android readers via the Google Play store.

The first 50 readers that take advantage of the sale. A large selection of titles will be discounted 40% from their retail prices for the day at the Google Books Play Store.

"We are excited to offer a huge discount to celebrate National Book Lovers Day with our sales partners at Google Play Books." shared Brick Cave Publisher Bob Nelson. "We've estimated our mobile audience is more than 40% Android users, and the Google Play Book store has really grown in the last few years to be a great place for us to publish titles."

Included in the sale are over 25 seperate Brick Cave titles, including hugely popular Brick Cave titles like The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner, Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis and Mariner's Wake by Adam Marsh.

For the complete list of available titles, readers are encouraged to book mark the special sale site, located here:

The sale is valid for one day, August 9th, and only for the titles listed on the page. The sales is also limited to the first 50 used of the coupon code "UNGHC6QLLGQRS".

About Brick Cave Media

Founded in 2006 and Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Brick Cave Media publishes science fiction, fantasy and poetry books in digital ebook, audio book, paperback & hard cover print formats. Brick Cave features the works of authors such as Sharon SkinnerJ.A. GiuntaScott Woods and Bruce Davis. Brick Cave Media titles are available universally via retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the thousands on independent bookstores in the United States and internationally. Learn more about Brick Cave Media at

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