Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - About the Brick Cave Dispatch

The Brick Cave Dispatch is Brick Cave Media's email newsletter, and it is a critical link to our books, our authors and our press.

So, What Is It?

It is an email communication that comes out *up to* 4 times a month. We say up to, because if we don't have anything new to share, we don't send an email. The email is designed to alert you to new Brick Cave content that you may want to engage with, including:

New website content

News posts, blog posts from Bob the CEO, or new interviews, information articles about sales or new releases will all pop in on this message, typically the seventh of each month.

New audio podcast releases*

Some of our audio content is for our BC Book Club Members. Some of it, however, is readily distributed across the podcastosphere via our Brick Cave Podcast. This email, usually sent on the fourteenth of the month (sensing a trend here?) will give you an overview of new audio releases.

New BC Forums content

The BC Forums are available to read for any of our website visitors. One of the reasons for that is because we post short form news and information in them about our author's appearances, book sales, and other fun anecdotes that make for entertaining reading. They are a great way to stay up to date on more immediate Brick Cave news. The email that give you a glimpse of a few of the more recent posts comes out on the Twenty-first of each month.

New YouTube video releases

You really never know what video content Brick Cave might drop at any time. Could be one of founder Bob's video Vlog episodes, or a short film, or something captured from an event or appearance that just is fun to watch. This email drops to you on the Twenty-eigth of each month.

On the occasion that it is "New Book Release Day", you may also receive a special notification of that as well.

The Brick Cave Dispatch is for people that love sci-fi, fantasy and poetry books, indie authors, small presses and most of all people that want to support that work.

What The Brick Cave Dispatch Is Not

The Dispatch is not a sale spam. To be fair, yes, links to our most recent releases are included in the email, but the point of the email is not to fill your inbox with "buy" messages. It is, simply, to alert you to new content that you may want to engage with.

Our goal with our email newsletter is to get you acquanted with our press, our authors and our books over time. 

Relationships Are Trust

Brick Cave Media does not resell or make our subscriber's emails available to any third parties. The Brick Cave Dispatch is for us to share with you the things we are doing, in hopes that you like them, engage with them, and perhaps at some point support them- financially or otherwise.

Will You Get Free Stuff?

We can't say you'll never get an opportunity to get something via the Dispatch. For the most part, our discounts and freebies go to our BC Book Club Members.

How Can you Join?

Well, that's easy- you just drop your email into the form below. You'll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription and BAM! You are in the know. Unsubscribing is easy too. Just select the unsubscribe link in any email you receive, and you are no longer subscribed.



*Some content is reserved for BC Book Club Members. For an overview of the program, learn more here.