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We at Brick Cave have watched the controversy surrounding AI created art unfold in these last few weeks and we thought we would document our thoughts on how we use art in the course of our work.

For level setting, Brick Cave has not, nor ever intends to, utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) based art in the cover or interior of our releases. We have, in the past, utilized licensed stock images or photography in our releases, and when our authors have asked to present their own artwork for covers, we have always asked our authors to represent their work appropriately in that regard.

Our pool of artists are as much a part of our identity as our writers, and many of them have been with us since before we started publishing books in 2010. Indeed, they support us more ways than we have a right to- we have been blessed to have decades long relationships with the people that visualize what our authors write just as we are blessed with decades long relationships with the writers that create the Brick Cave "brand".

It is why we do not use content AI in any facet of our work, be it promotional writing, social media posts, plot summaries or any other documentation we create.

Utilizing artificially created content at any level compromises what and why we love publishing, which is to tell great stories created by great people. They are stories, poems and visuals created by people, for other people to enjoy. We relish in surrounding ourselves with talented, engaged and hard working creators.

We’re not here to judge anyone and we certainly are not perfect in all of our own work. Why we do this work is near and dear to us above all else- that is why we choose the path we take, and it starts with people.

Meet our artists via the interviews here on the site, and know that in supporting Brick Cave, you are supporting and amazing, talented roster of individuals worldwide that create from a place of passion and a drive to create human engaging work.


Bob Nelson
Brick Cave Media 

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