Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - Brick Cave Development Update: July 2021

Hello, everyone-

As we close on the end of July this week, we wanted to share some quick development notes of events that are happening here in the Cave,


  • The July eBook contest ends in a few days (July 31), so make sure you have entered before we close the books on that contest.
  • We'll be at our first event September 11 since the Pandemic began, as we will be vending at the Roadside Book Festival. So far, Bruce and Sharon and planning to be in attendance, but we'll announce more details as we enter August.
  • The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The New World is next on the release list, which should be happening any day now. We're just getting it in format and getting ready to put it into your favorite store. We'll have some launch day details soon.
  • We have been diligently working on a completely new website now for several months. we had hoped to launch it in June, but we are taking some additional time to put all the pieces in place. There will be a lot to look forward to, including:
    • Easier connections from the book we publish, to the format you prefer, to the store you use.
    • The separate website for the BC Book Club will be retired, and all the features and content will live happily together in one portal presence... well, almost.
    • Joining the Book Club will become much easier.
    • Looking to book a Brick Cave author or negotiating rights regarding the books we publish? The process will become much easier.

There is not an official launch date for the new site, but we will keep our email subscribers and book club members posted. Those are just a few of the projects we have floating around here in the Cave. Early in August, we will give you an update on some of the additional manuscripts we are working on- the holidays this year should be full of new book options for our great readers.