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Joanne Gull was raised in Chicago, received her higher education and degrees in Ohio, dedicated her life to teaching, and boasts that her higher education was bested by all that her students taught her about life.

Yud's Child- New Book Cover

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Yud's Child- New Book Cover was created by BCWebmaster
Hey there!

Let's take a moment and welcome Joanne Gull as a new Brick Cave Author! Her new release, Yud's Child, is in final proof right now. We are excite to share the cover for this new title with you:

About Yud's Child:
On our journey through life we meet fellow travelers, different from each other as the legendary pilgrims traversing the Canterbury trail.  As we intersect we may encounter another who opens one’s heart, another who steals purse or peace.  Yet another may support or abuse.  Are these companions other than ourselves or reflections of our own hearts as we traverse both our internal and external journeys?  

This story may be a spiritual journey of the human heart. This story could be a psychological mirror of the aspects of a human personality. It might express the stages of dying.   Or it may be just a simple story that the Child in you enjoys as you meet a gentle doe, a wandering cat, a pleasure-loving pig, a transforming parrot, a protective cobra, a wisdom hermit, and a lost child as they find pleasure and refuge in each other journeying to meet a deeper Presence.    

Whatever the adventure is for you, may it touch your heart.

About the Artist:
Dan Corporaal’s illustrations for Joanne Gull’s, Yud’s Child, are influenced by his nearly 20 years of sketching in thePsychiatric Hospital where he was employed. Dan states,” The patients instilled in me a desire to translate their visions into reality.” Find out more at:
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