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The Healer's Trilogy by Sharon Skinner

Book cover image for The Healer's Legacy by Sharon SkinnerFrom the first draw dropping sentence of the first novel, The Healer’s Legacy, you are taken on a journey of adventure, emotion and discovery.

Book cover image for The Matriarch's Devise by Sharon SkinnerAuthor Sharon Skinner crafts a story with intelligence, passion and skill that are at the top of the fantasy genre.

The Healer's Legacy

The Healer's Legacy is a character driven fantasy storytelling in a rich, engaging world that inspires a new generation of readers

The Matriarch's Devise

Kira arrives in her mother’s homeland, a land filled with political strife, dark intrigue, and a family secret that could shatter everything.

The Exile's Gift

In defiance of her ruling council, Kira embarks upon a hazardous quest to discover the workings of her mad half-brother Kavyn’s shattered focus stone to save the land of Eilar from destruction.

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