Fraud Blocker Brick Cave Media - The Brick Cave Bob Vlog: Episode 12: It's a New Year!

Brick Cave Media is a publisher of science fiction, fantasy and poetry books.

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Welcome to 2022! Let's get the new year started by wrapping up the old one! Bob lists the top 10 Brick Cave Books by 2021 sales in this week's vlog. Those are listed below. And the book Birthday that Bob forgets? It's actually TWO. The stories of Haven: I and The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: Sounds of Time (links at the bottom).

10: War Golem by J.A. Giunta:
9: Urban Contemporary History Month by Scott Woods:
8: The Last Incarnation by J.A. Giunta:
7: The Warden's Legacy by J.A. Giunta:
6: Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis:
5: Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods by Scott Woods:
4: Mariner's Wake by Adam Marsh:
3: The Exile's Gift by Sharon Skinner:
2: The Matriarch's Devise by Sharon Skinner:
1: The Healer's Legacy by Sharon Skinner:

This week's Birthday Books: Platinum Magic The stories of Haven: I: The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: Sounds of Time:

Here's the video:


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