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Brick Cave Media is a publisher of science fiction, fantasy and poetry books.

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The cliche is real; the small town girl that moved to the big city and made her dreams come true. Czep’s childhood was filled with wandering through fields and marshlands in Central New York, but not a whole lot of real friends. Content to mold a world filled with imaginary companions, fantastical adventures, and magical spells, Czep took to writing down the stories in her overactive mind.

As a writer, adventurer, pirate, bellydancer, and mother, Czep has been known to tell a tale or two of sword fighting with The DREAD Fleet pirates, cavorting with beautiful bellydancers of bint Hazine, taming trains and mechanical bulls in the wild west, and enjoying the company of troublesome trolls, magical mermaids, and pesky pixies. She continues her exploration in a range of studies in hopes of being more like characters, like Emily (Trolls), or Blackstrap Gennie (Blackstrap’s Ecstasy).

In costume or jeans, she is the same Czep, ever glad to offer a hand to writers and artists, young or young at heart.



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