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Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Brick Cave Media publishes books in digital ebook, audio book, paperback & hard cover print formats.
We feature the works of authors such as Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Scott Woods and Bruce Davis.

Editorial Focus (On Great Books)

Our business, and our authors, are focused on creating well crafted stories that separate themselves from the increasingly crowded marketplace of new writing. While we publish a variety of styles, we have found our strongest genres to be science fiction, fantasy and poetry.

Meet Our Authors, Grab a Book

Explore the site. Meet the people behind the pages. Order a copy of something directly from us. Copy down the ISBN and have your own favorite book store order it for you.

Join our email list. Follow us on social media. Whatever you do, enjoy the beginning of your Brick Cave story, and find your Next Great Read.

Join Our Literary Community

The BC Book Club is our exclusive literary community, where members can access exclusive content, discuss the books we publish and interact with our authors. Discounts, giveaways and Ask Me Anythings are a great way for you to learn more about Brick Cave and our work.

2015 BC Podcast Logo narrowThe Brick Cave Podcast is a production of Brick Cave Media and continues the tradition of audio production that extends back to the founding of Brick Cave.

With episodes each month hosted by a variety of Brick Cave Talent, you are sure to stay entertained, informed and engaged in your podcast subscription. There are even opportunities for you to submit your work to be read/discussed on an episode. Got a question for the hosts? Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Become a Subscriber

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About The Show Episodes/Segments

Bob Nelson, or “The Bobisodes”

Picture of Brick Cave Podcast host Bob NelsonHe’s just plain crazy. Filmmaker, poet, author, publisher, former coffee house owner, Internet radio voice since 1999, event organizer, director of a book festival and a writer’s conference and general all around annoyance, Bob Nelson leverages his ADD as best he can to run a non profit (Anthology, inc.), Brick Cave Media and Proxima Emporium while simultaneously providing logistical support to super heroes in his home of Mesa, AZ.

He doesn’t think he’s won any awards, at least none that he can remember- well, except that the poetry slam he founded won Best Poetry Event in Phoenix in 2002- but that was in spite of him he suspects. We’d link to his website, but he spends all his time working on this one, so we’ll just say – welcome to Bob’s website.


Bruce Davis & Sharon Skinner Episodes

Picture of Brick Cave Podcast hosts Bruce Davis and Sharon SkinnerBrick Cave Authors Sharon Skinner and Bruce Davis host a monthly episode of the Podcast for their nefarious fiction purposes to talk about craft, their works in progress or news in the publishing world.

Submit for the “First Words” Segment

First Words is the segment of the show where Bruce and Sharon each select the first page of someone’s work, read it on air, and discuss it with feedback. Using the Consolidated Brick Cave Submission Form (BCSF), submitters are asked to submit a single PDF file meeting the requirements below:

1st Page, Cover Letter.

Contact information should be on cover letter. This information is not read on the air, posted in the episode description or discussed.

Indicate the following in your cover letter: Does Brick Cave have permission to list and link to your web presence. Brick Cave will not link to email addresses or provide any additional contact information of the submitter in the broadcast or it’s description.

2nd Page, The First Page.

This should be a single page, double spaced.

Additional Requirements & Guidelines:

  • You may submit ONE first page per month.
  • There is no guarantee that your work will be read, and the chosen works will not be announced in advance.
  • The submitter must have the rights to submit the work in question.
  • The submitter understand that the work may be read and discussed in a context OTHER than the submitter may have originally intended. If the submitter is concerned about the reception of their work and it’s discussion, we advise AGAINST submitting to this segment.
  • The submitter is also providing permission for the work to be read, recorded and distributed as part of the Podcast.
  • If it has been a full month and your work was not read, consider it not chosen and submit a new work. We do not suggest submitting the same work again.
  • No Personal Information, aside from the name of the submitter, is spoken on air or presented in the episode description. Link to a web presence will be provided if allowed by the submitter.

Be A Guest 

It's always fun to have guests on the show to talk about all things Brick Cave. Just fill out the form below, and we will respond as quickly as possible. In the content field, just let us know what you would like to talk about (such as the Brick Cave Book you've read, the film you saw, etc.).

Welcome to the Consolidated Brick Cave Submission Form (BCSF). The purpose of this form is to facilitate the submission of work for several key Brick Cave Programs, including:

As each segment contains unique submission guidelines, and formats for guidelines, it is strongly recommended that you review those requirements prior to submission.

  • Submissions outside of this form process will not be considered.
  • Universally, Brick Cave will not be able to review submissions that fail to meet the submission requirements of the program in question.
  • Brick Cave will add submitters to their Brick Cave eMail List. Subscribers are free to unsubscribe at their leisure without impacting the status of their submission for any program.

Submit using the form below

Brick Cave Authors are available for a number of events and appearances. Using the guidelines and contact form below, you can begin the process of scheduling a Brick Cave Author for your upcoming opportunity.

Ultimately, the final decision on attending rests with the author themselves, as they may already be committed to other events or circumstances prevent their attending. As a general rule, the more time to you provide the better the chances that an author will be available to attend your event.

BC Authors Experience

Brick Cave have attended events in school classrooms, libraries, writer’s groups and conventions of all sizes. All have been panelists and presenters for crowds of all sizes and bring a dynamic, insightful and engaging style to their work.

Many of our authors have organized events of all sizes on their own, so they are keenly aware of the challenges inherent to making an event successful and enthusiastic to make sure your attendees are rewarded for their investment in the author’s appearance.

More details about each author’s experience and availability can be found on their biography page.

Ordering Books for Sale

Once an event is scheduled (and if the event plans to sell books), organizers of an event are welcome to contact Brick Cave Media to order books for a particular event. a 45% discount is provided from the retail price listing on books ordered for the event.

Honorariums & Expenses

It is the responsibility of the event hosting organization to pay for all travel costs and expenses incurred by the author during the visit. These expenses are in addition to the honorarium. Schools and smaller organizations can apply for grant monies from the Brick Cave Authors for Literacy program, if available.

Get Started Here

Fill out the form below, and we will get you on the path to booking your favorite Brick Cave Author to appear at your next event.

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