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Being a Ruby Dragon BC Book Club Member is a great way to stay in touch with Brick Cave Media.

With a long line of benefits, you can get started today bu just filling out the form below.

By Invitation Only

There is no monthly fee to be a Ruby Dragon Member of the BC Book Club, but you do have to have made a purchase from Brick Cave- either online, or in person at one of our events. Just one, and we will reach out to you to confirm your interest in receiving a login to the site.

  • You just let us know you are interested and let us know a couple details (what user name you want, etc.) and we will enter you into the site.
  • Once we enter you into the site, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to log in and select (change) your password. The form submission will be valid for 15 days from the date of the system email.
  • That's it- you are in and ready to get engaged with Brick Cave, and our authors.

Previously Purchased Something and Want to Activate Your Membership?

Just send us an email to rubydragon at brickcavemedia dot com, and we will get you started. The email that your send us the message from needs to be the same email we would have on file for the purchase, and the purchase must have happened in the last twelve months. We'll verify your purchase, let us know when and where it happened. 

Don't Forget Sapphire, Diamond (and Onyx) Dragon Levels

For additional access to more media, bigger discounts and exclusive forum threads, you can also support Brick Cave at one of the three monthly subscription tiers. You just pick your level here, and sign up.

Not Quite Ready for membership?

That's OK, you can join the Brick Cave email list below, one one of the messages we will send you is a summary of the posts that are happening in the forums. That way, when you see something you want to engage with, you can just reach out to us to activate your membership.


What do you get?

  • You get "The Credentials"
    Ok, so you are provided a user name and password to log in to the website. This allows you access to post to the forums, as well as a customizable profile.
  • Get the Picture(s)
    We love photos, and you can see all the photos we take in galleries posted right here on the site. See what your favorite authors are up to 
  • Save some $ of future purchases at the Brick Cave Square Store
    All Ruby Dragon members that are also registered on our Square store will be added to a 10% off tier. It's automatic, on any future purchases.
  • There might be some other stuff as well. You just never know, but we will update the benefits page HERE.


  • Once I make a purchase, do I have to make ANOTHER purchase at some point to stay a Ruby Dragon member?
    No. One purchase is all you need to make at any point to stay a member, using the email that you used for that purchase.


  • If I switch emails, do I need to re-qualify with a nerw purchase to join?
    Yes. If for some reason you have had to change your email address, to qualify for a new account, you would need to make a purchase using that email address.


  • Can I switch from one tier to another?
    Yes. To move UP a tier, to Sapphire, Diamond or Ruby, you would just select the tier on the membership form and join that tier. To move down a tier to Ruby, just email us at rubydragon at brickcavemedia dot com.